Calavera Catrina

by Ford Theatre Reunion



released December 5, 2010

The Ford Theatre Reunion Is:
Alex Ford-Clarinet, Vocals
Allen Shariaty- Junk Percussion
Charlie Lockhart-Violin
Don Lafleur- Trumpet
Eric McMyermick- Accordion, Guitar, Vocals
Joe Harbison- Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
Luke Harrington- Bass
Tyler Swick- Drums, Vibraphone

All songs by The Ford Theatre Reunion, except "Soul of a Man" by Blind Willie Johnson (BMI), used under license. Copyright 2010. Recorded, Mixed, and covered in Magic by Jason Groves at Sneak Attack! Doodles and layout by Joe Harbison.

Thanks to all of our friends and families, all the fine folks that have helped us, previous Theatre members, and, of course, the Listener.


all rights reserved



Ford Theatre Reunion Lexington, Kentucky

Citing influences as diverse as punk, balkan, jazz, metal, nightmares, & wet dreams, Kentucky’s Ford Theatre Reunion creates a sound that defies easy definition. In one moment ethereal vocals drift over flighty clarinet and melancholy accordion, & in the next moment it’s a full-bore, guitar-snarling rock n’ roll assault. ... more


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Track Name: All Aboard!
Come and see:
Miss Sister Cora Lee

Head-mistress Mean

Which made a good career
Until one day the orphans found the gasoline

Now, let me introduce you
To marauding Aunt Matilda
If you think you recognize her
It's probably cuz she killed ya

And Uncle Owen
With his cabinet full of toys
He stole from all the corpses
Of those little orphan boys

Offers you a seat

I wouldn't sit there

And if she offers you a ride
She's probably gunning for your hide
And for your meat

Now, anxious Anabella
Hated Dancing for the fellas
So one day she took a fancy
To constructing skin umbrellas

And greedy Gertrude sits beside her
Growing flowers from her eyes

She's become quite a garden these days
Track Name: Of All The People
Track Name: Soul of a Man
Won't somebody tell me?
Answer if you can
Won't somebody tell me?
What is the soul of a man?

I read my bible often
I try to read it right
As far as I can understand
A man is more than his mind

I've traveled to the distant countries
I've been to all your foreign lands
I can't find nobody to tell me
Just what is the soul of a man?

Won't somebody tell me?
Answer if you can
Won't somebody tell me?
Just what is the soul of a man?
Track Name: Sepulcro del Jugador
Is the place
You were bound to make an

You're turning up aces,
Little man
They all fell in
The palm of your hand

Have you found your way out?
No second chances now

You're out of luck
The money's spent and you're pretty....

All bets are off now,
Poor little man
Somebody fingered
Your plan

Have you found your way out?
No second chances now
Track Name: Flies
And it's a mean one

Got breath like a train, man
And a stench to match

The way the light
Falls on your features
You're a pretty girl
But you've let yourself go too much

Since you've been gone
The flies are everywhere
They cover the wall
And buzz 'round my head

I can't tell you why
I guess it must have something to do with this weather...

And it's a goddamn shame

Got the stench of a burnt match
And the hum of a train

Now, I was dressin' us up
For a grand old evening on the town
But we don't move like we used to
You don't move like you used to

Since you've been gone
The flies are everywhere
They got in my eyes
And now everything's black

I think they got in my head
Track Name: Huff & Puff
Well, who's that knocking at my door?

It's prince charming, sweetheart,
And I brought you your glass slipper

Oh, I think I've heard that before

No, I mean, it's Saint Nicholas
And I've got a great present for you

What do you take me for?

Listen, you better open up
You're starting to make me mad

Well, I don't like you anymore

You hog
You dog
You swine
You hound

Well, blow me down

I'll huff and I'll puff
And I'll blow your straw away

You may be full of hot air,
but underneath there are thick sticks

But sticks are brittle
I've got lungs like a lion

If straws and sticks don't do the trick
Baby, you can't beat my brick house

Then set out your milk and cookies
I'll be coming down your chimney

We'll I've already got my fire lit

That's not the hot ass I was looking for....

You hyena

Well, blow me down

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

Well, blow me down
Track Name: Burning House
Well did they sell you for a second
C'mon, girls, let's just be honest
Did they make your life a living Hell
And then leave you behind?

This is no life to be living
This boarding house will kill us
Even faster than the meanest streets
So are you with us to the end?

The bitter end

We know where they all sleep
Cuz, we're sleeping there ourselves
We can board up every exit
We can light up this old hell

If we can make it in this prison
We can make it on our own
We're doing it already girls,
So are you with us to the bone?

The brittle bone

Let the fire lick the sky
Light the stars and show the way
We'll scorch the earth beneath our feet
The hell, we'll leave them in our wake

We'll rise and lick the sky
Light the stars and show the way
We're coming home tonight
We're taking back our lives

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